Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memory Lane

I was looking through all my old notebooks and poems today, it's weird to read the things I wrote back then. Some aren't really that old, but to revisit the state of mind I was in, is really strange. I vaguely remember what some of them were about. This one I remember what it was about, but can't remember exactly WHO it was written for.

It was written just after I moved to Oklahoma. I had just gotten out of a year and half relationship with a girl named Jess and Oklahoma was my new start, I was going to try to be in a straight relationship for the first time in 6 years. This was me asking for help in that endeavor. It was directed toward someone that didn't really know my past all that well, but I still wanted them to help "fix" me. I realized, shortly after writing this; I didn't need to be "fixed" and what ever hang ups I had about being straight, I had to deal with on my own.

I'm demanding all the answers
To the questions you didn't hear

I need you to sew up all the pieces
From the soul you didn't tear

So can you put me back together
And patch me up within

Will you help me find the answers
And make me whole again

It's a little corny, but it must have made me feel better when I wrote it. I'm sure everyone wrote some pretty corny things when they were younger. Heck, I still write corny things. Haha

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